Errant European

Thanks to the good people at Euractiv and Blogactiv, I have this wonderful new soapbox from which to spout.

Please bear with me as I learn the foibles of WordPress, after having mastered TypePad for my other blog, Avuncular American.

How, you might well ask, does an American, avuncular or otherwise, claim to be a European, whether errant or quite settled? It’s in the blood. My parents, God bless ’em, emigrated to the United States from Ireland, after – in my father’s case – having done the almost-obligatory stint working in England before the Second World War.

So I was born bi-national, and growing up in the States (Pennsylvania), was brought up in a sort of Ireland-on-the-Delaware. My adult life has been spent abroad, hence my angle in Avuncular American, “an expatriate view of America and the world from Europe.” For starters, while I figure out what content to put on this blog, here is my index to European themes in Avuncular American.

Here in “Errant European,” the emphasis will be on Europe seen by this observer with a foot on both sides of the Atlantic. Actually, that’s not quite true: though born and raised in the States, I’ve spent the better part of the last 15 years living in the Benelux, and before that worked for years in Africa and the Middle East.

My errant roots are finding their way back to the soil of the old continent. Thank you and stay tuned.

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