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US, EU, and Mideast Cannot Afford a Time-out

Posted by Gerald Loftus on 02/02/10

When Israel-Palestine merits not a word from a president, you know the United States is turning inward. Roger Cohen, New York Times, 28 January 2010, “Exit America“ The same Cohen op-ed indicates that only nine minutes were devoted to international affairs in President Obama’s first State of the Union message last month. And now we [...]

Responding To Somalia’s Pirates

Posted by Gerald Loftus on 30/06/09

As soon as you start using the term pirate, unfortunately cute or nostalgic images of Johnny Depp and Long John Silver come to mind – “Avast, me hearties!” (“avast” means to stop or cease) and other lusty lingo. All that is best relegated to the world of children’s stories (image, Playwood Toys). Today’s real-world piracy [...]

Le réalisme EuroAtlantique

Posted by Gerald Loftus on 19/05/09

NDLR: Voici le texte de mes remarques hier soir lors de la présentation du nouveau livre du Professeur Irnerio Seminatore, Directeur de l’Institut Européen des Relations Internationales (IERI) et de l’Academia Diplomatica Europaea (ADE), deux institutions Bruxelloises. Son livre, publié chez l’Harmattan, s’intitule “l’Europe entre utopie et realpolitik.” La conférence a eu lieu à l’Istituto [...]

Politique Etrangère d’Obama – Economie d’abord

Posted by Gerald Loftus on 20/03/09

NDLR pour les francophones: mon clavier QWERTY n’ayant pas d’accents, je mets mon texte EN LETTRES MAJUSCULES. Celcui est le texte d’une présentation lors d’un débat organisé le 16 mars par l’Institut Européen de Relations Internationale (IERI), en présence de Guy Spitaels et Katya Long. ————————– IL Y A DEUX MOIS, LORS DE L’INVESTITURE DE [...]

Transatlantic Ties: NATO ≠ “Military” and EU ≠ “Economics”

Posted by Gerald Loftus on 06/03/09

With the just-completed NATO foreign ministerial meeting and Hillary Clinton’s “twofer” openings to both Russia and Iran, Transatlantic diplomacy is back, and it’s about time.  In the conduct of Transatlantic relations in the political-military realm, NATO has one big advantage over the European Union: the U.S. has a seat at the table, instead of across [...]